Increase Your Web Traffic With Low Cost Google Ad Words

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords in simple words is to pay Google to place your ad on its first page of results when some one searches for the keywords you want to rank on.

The best thing about the terminology PPC (PAY PER CLICK) is that you are only charged when your ad is clicked. And more of you can limit your daily budget to as low as S$5 a day.

You are advertised on the First Page of Google Search Results for your Keywords.
Not only your ad appears on Google but also on thousands of relevant websites which displays Google Ads.
It offers Flexible packages and is very Easy to setup.
You can affix it on a daily budget and control your cost.

How do we optimize your ad to rank higher on a lesser budget?

Google not only weighs the the Bid you place for the keywords you want your ad to display, but it also ensures that your website provides quality and relevant information to its users. If your website is more relevant to a particular keyword and provides an above average User Experience, it rewards your website with a higher rank even when your bid is lesser than that of your competitors.

Below mentioned are some factors we take into account before starting your Google Adwords Campaign to insure that your ad is ranked higher for the lowest possible pay per click bid to ensure you get maximum impressions:

  • On Page Optimization for the targeted pages – We create/modify specific landing pages with original and more relevant content to increase the quality score of your website.
  • Keyword Relevancy of the Ad – We make sure that the ad created has the right keyword density along with the landing page to optimize keyword relevancy.
  • Improving the Click Thru Rate – We optimize your web pages and enhance its user experience by organizing content in a proper hierarchy to improve its click thru rate.
  • Others – There are several other factors which we need to take into consideration before launching a full fledged campaign to increase your ad performance and achieve a high Google Quality Score.

Who are we and how are we better than others?

Google receives more than a billion visits everyday. Why wait to get listed when you can give your business a Sales Boost by getting it the maximum exposure on the word wide web with GOOGLE ADWORDS.

We are a Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Company which have served more than 200 customers on Saipan, Guam, the US, and other parts of the world . Our SEO Experts breathe, eat and sleep Google and we are sure other than Google itself no one else knows Search Engines more better than them. Besides being the Best Google Adwords Company on Saipan we challenge no one else in the market will quote you lower prices than Saipan Web Design.

We can manage your Google Adwords Campaign and rank your ad higher than others on your desired keywords for as low as S$0.10/- per click and yet produce effective results.

Providing you with complete Keyword Analysis, Landing Page Statistics, Geo Targeting Analytics and Professional advice in weekly reports and a detailed briefing about your Google Adwords Campaign at the end of every month.

The benefit you get for working with us is that you are not bound of any long term contracts. We have no long term obligations, no credit cards required for guarantee and you will not be put waiting and will be served instantly.

We are a complete online solution providing company serving our customers since 1993. We specialize in creating successful brand identities, customized website designs, and provide result oriented online marketing advices.

We strive hard to design and develop quality websites and aim to make a difference on the web by improving each and every design we create, we provide our customers a unique and individual user interface (UI) on the internet, showcasing their products in a special and incomparable way which ultimately creates exceptional improvements in their online turnovers.

guarantee-sealWe are 100% committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Our customers’ success is our success. As devoted and tireless consultants, we are dedicated to meeting your deadlines and delivering results that exceed your expectations. We do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are always 100% satisfied.

Contact us today for a free website design consultation with one of our web design professionals. We will help define your needs and guide you to the best plan for your situation. If you are unable to speak with us right now, please fill out the Contact Us form and a dedicated team member will get back to you promptly. Whatever your needs may be, our goal is to provide you with exceptional web design and great customer service at the lowest cost! We look forward to serving you soon…..

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