A website homepage is usually the first page a site viewer will see when they visit your website so you want to make a good impression. Having a direct message to grab and hold the viewers attention is crucial. Here are 3 important questions to ask when designing or redesigning your homepage.
Is your business branding clear?
Your logo, site colors, images and overall style all add up to your business brand, so make sure it is consistent and matches what your demographic will be attracted to.
Is your navigation easy to find and navigate?
Make sure the placement of your navigation is easy to locate and not overly customized or broken out into multiple menus in different places. Make sure you do not have too many pages listed to overwhelm the viewer. Also, keep the names of your pages general enough but include keywords so viewers understand what content topic will be on that page.
Do you have a call to action in the top section of your homepage?
A call to action that shows up on your website homepage and is visible without having to scroll down is crucial. Determine what your goal is for the site (i.e. obtain inquiry lead, collect email address or sell a product) and then use a form or button to have a clear call to action that requests the site viewer to click or complete the form. Don’t be shy, it’s ok, everyone is doing it, don’t miss out on using your website as the best marketing tool it can be.
Is your website content speaking directly to your demographic?
Tailor your website content to appeal to the needs of the target audience, painting a picture of the outcome they can expect from your company or product. Connect emotionally with the needs of your audience rather then just selling or pitching to them.