Your site design and content should guide each visitor through your website. Your content and call to action are important so the visitor connects with the site to achieve the site goals (i.e. make a sale, call for a quote or possibly fill out a contact form with lead details).

Less Can Be More

Yes, you want to showcase all that your business does or has on your website. You want to have content that is rich with keywords so that your site ranks properly in the search engines, but less can be more when it comes to content.

Keeping your site visitor’s experience in mind and including content that is most applicable and appealing to visitors will keep them on your site longer which can better allow for a sale or lead. Group content and categories together and include information that your site visitors need to know or will be looking for, but do not inundate them with details that are unnecessary.

Appeal To Your Audience

If you are redesigning your site or taking a major overhaul on the content then go back to the drawing board and plan out and rethink your pages and content. Streamline your navigation and drop-down menus so that the site is easy to navigate. Pay extra attention to planning out the homepage text, photos, call to action and sections to ensure that you are addressing the different types of site visitors:

The Spontaneous Visitor: They get to your website from a referral or by search and want to call, email or inquire about your services or products.

Suggestion: Have a phone number, contact form and/or email address easily accessible on the page(s) so this type of visitor doesn’t have to hunt for this information. You only have a small window of time to hold a visitors attention and if they do not find what they want from a site they will click out.